Sizing Guide


All collars are not created equal. And all dogs are different (some have more of a mane than others). Even though our collars are adjustable, it’s important to measure your dog's actual neck and not your old dog collar. The size of our collars are measured from the buckle bar to the holes, and each hole is one inch apart for 1"-wide and 3/4"-wide collars, and 1/2" between holes on 1/2" collars.  For example, the holes on a 1" wide "small" collar are located 13", 14", 15", 16", and 17" from the buckle. Thus a dog with a 15" neck would likely fit into the third or center hole (15") of the small collar. 

Remember that puppies grow quickly, so its important to check your collar often for a good fit. We recommend allowing for a two-finger clearance between the collar and the dogs neck for a comfortable fit. You can measure your dog’s neck with a string, then measure the string with a flat ruler.

We currently offer 3 collar widths. Use the sizes below to determine which one will fit your pup the best. 

1 INCH WIDTH COLLAR NECK SIZES (from the bar of the buckle to the hole)

  • Small 13"-17" neck size
  • Medium 15"-19" neck size
  • Large 17"-21" neck size
  • Extra Large 19"-23" neck size

3/4 INCH WIDTH COLLAR NECK SIZES  (from the bar of the buckle to the hole)

  • 9-13" neck size
  • 10-14" neck size
  • 11-15" neck size
  • 12-16" neck size
  • 13-17" neck size
  • 14-18" neck size
  • 15-19" neck size

1 INCH WIDTH COLLAR NECK SIZES  (from the bar of the buckle to the hole)

  • 8-10" neck size
  • 9-11" neck size
  • 10-12" neck size
  • 11-13" neck size
  • 12-14" neck size
  • 13-15" neck size