Dog Collars Meet High-Tech Printers

UV Printer and Golden Retriever

Let's face it; we want our dog's to look good! We groom, wash, blow-dry, clip, pull, fluff, primp, braid, and anything else that gives our furry friends an edge over the competition. While printing ID tags for dogs and horses with another company, I realized that high tech UV printers are perfect for printing on substrates like leather and Biothane (a waterproof coated webbing). Many of our customers wanted collars to go along with their ID tags. Shortly thereafter we realized we could print directly on leather and Biothane and Bahoolie was born. We started by printing QR Codes and dog names directly on the collars (instead of on separate ID tags), then quickly shifted our focus into beautiful designs. Our team enjoyed making the collars so much that we built an entire leather shop to compliment the expensive printing technology.

Tattoo Dog CollarUV printing seems made for Biothane, a very popular collar material for sport dogs. The printer produces high-gloss, vibrant colors, and has a wide variety of varnish coatings to protect and adorn the collars. UV inks sit on top of the printed surface, rather than being absorbed into it, which results in a sharper, more crisp print.

UV printing is incredibly resistant to scratches, wear and tear, and sun exposure than other printing methods. Since it cures in UV light to begin with, it thrives in the sun. UV ink dries the moment it comes off the press, and I have yet to find a solvent that can remove it. Gas, kerosene, alcohol, degreasers, and any other household cleaners will not remove the ink.

Unlike screen printing or other technologies, UV printing allows us to customize everything we sell with relative ease. We don’t mass-produce anything because every piece is handmade. We prefer to create customized designs that mean more to our customers.

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